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Quintaliza is Raising the Bar in 2024

Quintaliza is Raising the Bar in 2024

As we step into the new year, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support throughout the incredible journey of 2023. Last year marked several milestones for Quintaliza, and we’re eager to share some of the highlights with you.

In 2023, we celebrated our inaugural release, Lot 1, a momentous occasion that set the tone for Quintaliza tequila‘s exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Additionally, the introduction of Quintaliza Coffee brought a fusion of flavors that resonated with our community. The year was punctuated by remarkable achievements, from gracing the pages of Rolling Stone to witnessing our very own brand ambassador, Alli Torres, make the cover of Bartender Magazine. These moments have meant so much to the Quintaliza team.

And now in 2024, the excitement continues. Following our success in the WSWA Brand Battles’ semi-finals, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be competing live on stage for the final awards in Las Vegas on January 30th. This year promises to be filled with even more ventures, and we can’t wait to share these experiences with you. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey—we look forward to toasting to many more successes together.

Cheers to a spectacular 2024,
Quintaliza Tequila

Discover Quintaliza Tequila – A Bold New Spirit

What makes Quintaliza such a unique sipping tequila?

Quintaliza Tequila is a 100% Organic, additive free, sipping tequila, but that’s not what makes it so unique.

Introducing Quintaliza, an industry-first pairing of two of the world’s most adored flavor profiles: smooth, organic tequila and subtle notes of roasted coffee beans. But this isn’t another corny coffee liqueur. Quintaliza Tequila is a 100% pure agave sipping tequila that belongs on the top shelf with your other all-time favorites.

So what makes Quintaliza so unique?

Short answer? It’s our approach. We have spent the past several years digging deep into the artisanal processes of roasting coffee and distilling tequila, discovering the unique components required to create a simpatico relationship between both flavors. Quintaliza is tequila first – coffee second, so each sip offers an enriching experience.

When will Quintaliza Tequila be available?

As we finish prepping our premiere batch, we’re pleased to offer preorder registration for those who would like to be among the first to try Quintaliza Tequila. Our preorder customers will receive an exclusive Founder’s Batch Package with their orders, so you won’t want to miss out.

To sign up for the Quintaliza Tequila preorder sale, complete the form below:

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How can I stay up to date with Quintaliza?

In addition to signing up for our preorder sale, you can also check us out on our social channels. Don’t worry. We aren’t here to bore you with advertisements. We aim to show you how Quintaliza fits in (and shakes up!) the sipping tequila scene by maintaining a genuine social media presence rich with cool imagery, videos, and knowledge.

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