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Why is additive free tequila better?

Quintaliza’s Additive-Free Tequila Experience

Now, you might be wondering, how do we achieve those subtle notes of coffee in our tequila without sneaking in any additives? Well, it’s all thanks to our proprietary aging process. That’s right, folks—zero additives, zero funny business. Just pure, unadulterated tequila goodness that’s in a league of its own.

Additive-free tequila is about showcasing the tequila itself

Let’s talk about why additive-free tequila is such a big deal. At the end of the day, additives are often used to hide undesirable flavors of the tequila itself, meaning that the additive-filled tequila that you are drinking likely doesn’t taste so great without vanilla and other additives that have been used as a decoy for subpar tequila making practices. By going with additive-free tequila, you are tasting tequila that has nothing to hide. You see, unlike those other guys who load up their tequila with artificial flavors and colors, we believe in letting the natural beauty of our organic Blue Weber agave shine through.

While our tequila has a subtle hint of coffee, that’s achieved through our carefully crafted aging process, not some artificial syrupy nonsense. It’s naturally achieved in the way that we age the tequila. We first start by making sure our tequila makes for a remarkably flavorful blanco, and then fine tune the experience as it is aged into a reposado. We’re not just another liqueur pretending to be tequila—we’re the real deal, and we’re proud of it!

So next time you’re reaching for a bottle of tequila, make it Quintaliza. With us, you’re getting more than a drink; you’re getting an experience, and it’s an experience you can feel good about. Choose organic. Choose Quintaliza Tequila.

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Crafted with Pure, Organic Care

Crafted with Pure, Organic Care

Quintaliza tequila is 100% organic tequila produced sustainably in Jalisco, Mexico

Taste the Difference with Organic Tequila from Quintaliza

Welcome to the world of organic sipping tequilas, where Quintaliza Tequila reigns supreme! We’re not just about crafting exceptional spirits; we’re all about doing it the organic way. You won’t find any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers in our process—only the goodness of nature, poured straight from the earth into your glass.

Ever wondered what gives our tequila that extra oomph of flavor? It’s our proprietary aging process, which incorporates an element of coffee. And guess what? That coffee? Yep, you guessed it—organic! From bean to barrel to bottle, everything we do is organic and additive-free. Because when it comes to crafting the perfect tequila, we believe in letting the natural flavors shine through.

So why does being organic matter? Aside from the fact that it just tastes better (trust us, your palate will thank you), choosing organic sipping tequilas like Quintaliza means you’re supporting sustainable practices that are kinder to the environment. It’s about savoring every sip guilt-free, knowing that you’re not only treating yourself but also taking care of the planet.

Go ahead, pour yourself a glass of Quintaliza Tequila, and raise it high to the organic revolution in spirits! Cheers to tequila done right.

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Sowing Sustainability from Day One

Quintaliza Tequila: A Gem Among Sustainable Tequila Brands

At Quintaliza Tequila, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s our way of life. Since our inception, we’ve been getting our hands dirty (literally) by planting agaves like there’s no tomorrow, starting with the cultivation of agaves. From day one, we have diligently planted agave crops, ensuring a renewable source for our renowned tequila. We know that by nurturing these beauties, we’re not just making great tequila; we’re also looking out for Mother Earth.

But that’s just not enough for us. We’ve also got a trick up our sleeves when it comes to fertilizing our agave fields—and it comes from our proprietary aging process. The same coffee that seasons the barrels we use in aging is repurposed as fertilizer for our agave fields. By utilizing this organic waste, Quintaliza not only reduces its environmental footprint but also enhances the soil’s PH levels, fostering healthier agave growth. 

Plus, did we mention we stay far away from synthetics? Quintaliza’s commitment to maintaining its Blue Weber agave as 100% organic not only keeps our tequila pure; it also keeps our land and waterways safe from harmful chemicals. You can learn more about our organic practices here. It’s all part of our commitment to sustainability and producing the best damn tequila you’ll ever taste.

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Quintaliza is Raising the Bar in 2024

Quintaliza is Raising the Bar in 2024

As we step into the new year, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support throughout the incredible journey of 2023. Last year marked several milestones for Quintaliza, and we’re eager to share some of the highlights with you.

In 2023, we celebrated our inaugural release, Lot 1, a momentous occasion that set the tone for Quintaliza tequila‘s exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Additionally, the introduction of Quintaliza Coffee brought a fusion of flavors that resonated with our community. The year was punctuated by remarkable achievements, from gracing the pages of Rolling Stone to witnessing our very own brand ambassador, Alli Torres, make the cover of Bartender Magazine. These moments have meant so much to the Quintaliza team.

And now in 2024, the excitement continues. Following our success in the WSWA Brand Battles’ semi-finals, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be competing live on stage for the final awards in Las Vegas on January 30th. This year promises to be filled with even more ventures, and we can’t wait to share these experiences with you. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey—we look forward to toasting to many more successes together.

Cheers to a spectacular 2024,
Quintaliza Tequila

Crafting the Perfect Organic Tequila: Quintaliza’s Journey through Sustainability and Certification

Crafting the Perfect Organic Tequila: Quintaliza’s Journey through Sustainability and Certification

With Quintaliza’s recent release, it’s about time we look back at all of the hard work that got us to where we are today. Join us as we delve into the meticulous process of creating a truly sustainable and certified organic tequila, from the initial considerations to our final emergence into the market. Whether you’ve been wondering about how to craft your own spirit or you simply want to hear more about how Quintaliza meets the highest standards of production, read on to discover all the hoops we’ve jumped through on the way. 

Important Considerations: Price, Availability, and More

Before delving into the realm of organic tequila, it is vital to understand the critical factors that shape its journey from field to bottle. As you might guess, organic production is much more expensive. We always knew we would stay true to the authentic nature of agave, so the price variation was a worthy investment for Quintaliza. The availability of organic ingredients and production facilities can also impact production. Sometimes you have to jump on an opportunity as soon as it becomes available, even when you’re not ready. It happened to us.

Sustainable Production: Nurturing the Environment:

Let’s dive deep into the heart of sustainable tequila production. From the cultivation of organic agave plants to our environmentally conscious distillation process, Quintaliza employs innovative techniques and practices that uphold the principles of sustainability. Although organic products are harder and more expensive to produce, Quintaliza aims to be part of the solution—not part of the problem. Our goal is to eliminate waste at every step of the process, so we knew we weren’t getting into a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

Approval and Organic Tequila Certification: Unveiling the Paperwork Trail

Embarking on the path to organic tequila certification requires navigating a maze of paperwork and regulations. Since our distillery was already approved as organic, it could have been somewhat of an easy certification process, but have we ever taken the easy way out? No—due to our propriety aging process using coffee barrels, we also had to prove that our coffee never left the hands of a certified organic distributor. Why is organic more expensive? Each hand that this product touches needs to be certified organic. Their licenses need to be renewed via vigorous inspections, and they have to incorporate that expense into their pricing. If you want to be sustainable, health-conscious, and “do the right thing,” it’s gonna cost you.

Getting It Out There: Sharing the Organic Spirit

The journey of organic tequila doesn’t end with certification; it begins a new chapter—getting it into the market. From branding and marketing initiatives to forging sustainable partnerships, introducing Quintaliza tequila to discerning spirits enthusiasts worldwide is a feat in itself. That’s why we couldn’t be more grateful for connoisseurs and curious minds like yourself. A bold new offering such as Quintaliza simply couldn’t exist without the interest and support of those who value innovation and evolution, so cheers to you!

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Discover Quintaliza Tequila – A Bold New Spirit

What makes Quintaliza such a unique sipping tequila?

Quintaliza Tequila is a 100% Organic, additive free, sipping tequila, but that’s not what makes it so unique.

Introducing Quintaliza, an industry-first pairing of two of the world’s most adored flavor profiles: smooth, organic tequila and subtle notes of roasted coffee beans. But this isn’t another corny coffee liqueur. Quintaliza Tequila is a 100% pure agave sipping tequila that belongs on the top shelf with your other all-time favorites.

So what makes Quintaliza so unique?

Short answer? It’s our approach. We have spent the past several years digging deep into the artisanal processes of roasting coffee and distilling tequila, discovering the unique components required to create a simpatico relationship between both flavors. Quintaliza is tequila first – coffee second, so each sip offers an enriching experience.

When will Quintaliza Tequila be available?

As we finish prepping our premiere batch, we’re pleased to offer preorder registration for those who would like to be among the first to try Quintaliza Tequila. Our preorder customers will receive an exclusive Founder’s Batch Package with their orders, so you won’t want to miss out.

To sign up for the Quintaliza Tequila preorder sale, complete the form below:

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How can I stay up to date with Quintaliza?

In addition to signing up for our preorder sale, you can also check us out on our social channels. Don’t worry. We aren’t here to bore you with advertisements. We aim to show you how Quintaliza fits in (and shakes up!) the sipping tequila scene by maintaining a genuine social media presence rich with cool imagery, videos, and knowledge.

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