Introducing a
New Tequila

When it comes to tequila, it’s all about tradition, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t challenge the norms once in a while. We were tired of the same old tequila brands dominating the industry. That’s why we decided to shake things up a little with Quintaliza Tequila.

Leading the Future of Organic Tequila

Quintaliza is leading the way in the tequila industry, offering an organic and additive-free sipping experience like no other. By imbuing old-world Mexican traditions with groundbreaking production techniques, Quintaliza is forging a new path for tequila that’s both leading and lasting. We invite you to join us on our journey of discovery as we create something truly legendary.

Are You Ready for the Tequila Revolution?

Quintaliza is ushering in a new era of spirits. By rethinking the ways in which we can revolutionize tequila while remaining true to tradition, we ended up creating a new standard for this beloved Mexican spirit.

Meticulously aged in the finest artisan-roasted coffee barrels from Chiapas, Mexico, our reposado features the initial bite of a blanco, the smooth finish of an anejo, and subtle notes of coffee, making it the first organic sipping tequila of its kind.

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