Why is additive free tequila better?

Quintaliza’s Additive-Free Tequila Experience

Now, you might be wondering, how do we achieve those subtle notes of coffee in our tequila without sneaking in any additives? Well, it’s all thanks to our proprietary aging process. That’s right, folks—zero additives, zero funny business. Just pure, unadulterated tequila goodness that’s in a league of its own.

Additive-free tequila is about showcasing the tequila itself

Let’s talk about why additive-free tequila is such a big deal. At the end of the day, additives are often used to hide undesirable flavors of the tequila itself, meaning that the additive-filled tequila that you are drinking likely doesn’t taste so great without vanilla and other additives that have been used as a decoy for subpar tequila making practices. By going with additive-free tequila, you are tasting tequila that has nothing to hide. You see, unlike those other guys who load up their tequila with artificial flavors and colors, we believe in letting the natural beauty of our organic Blue Weber agave shine through.

While our tequila has a subtle hint of coffee, that’s achieved through our carefully crafted aging process, not some artificial syrupy nonsense. It’s naturally achieved in the way that we age the tequila. We first start by making sure our tequila makes for a remarkably flavorful blanco, and then fine tune the experience as it is aged into a reposado. We’re not just another liqueur pretending to be tequila—we’re the real deal, and we’re proud of it!

So next time you’re reaching for a bottle of tequila, make it Quintaliza. With us, you’re getting more than a drink; you’re getting an experience, and it’s an experience you can feel good about. Choose organic. Choose Quintaliza Tequila.

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