The Quintaliza Old Fashioned

A Twist on Tradition

In the world of cocktails, few classics are as timeless and revered as the Old Fashioned. At Quintaliza Tequila, we’ve put our own spin on this beloved drink, creating a version that’s bold, flavorful, and uniquely Quintaliza.

Our Quintaliza Old Fashioned starts with our exceptional tequila, known for its rich, smooth taste and subtle hints of coffee. To this, we add a touch of Demerara syrup for sweetness, a splash of allspice bitters for depth, and finish it off with grated cinnamon and a twist of orange peel for a pop of citrusy aroma.

Crafting your own Quintaliza Old Fashioned is simple yet satisfying. Start by filling a mixing glass with ice, then follow the directions below.


  • 2 ounces of Quintaliza Tequila – ORDER HERE
  • ΒΌ ounce of Demerara syrup
  • 3-4 dashes of allspice bitters
  • Grated cinnamon
  • Orange peel

Mixing Guide


In a shaker, combine Quintaliza Tequila, Demerara syrup, and allspice bitters


Stir gently


Strain into your favorite rocks glass filled with ice


Garnish with grated cinnamon & a twist of orange peel


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