The world’s first
100% organic sipping tequila
with notes of coffee

Quintaliza is a reposado unlike any you’ve tried before. Each batch is uniquely aged for a perfect pairing of creativity and quality, melding the smooth taste of organic agave with familiar, subtle notes reminiscent of a morning brew.

What makes Quintaliza special?

We’re glad you asked. In short, it’s more than just the sexy bottle. Our reposado features notes of coffee, making it the first organic sipping tequila of its kind.

each bottle of Quintaliza

We take great pride in our process, sourcing, and the absolute artistry of our Master Distiller, Iliana Partida. Above all else, Quintaliza is a premium sipping tequila that sits comfortably on the top shelf next to the best tequilas in the world.

NOM1522. Master Distiller Iliana Partida
LocationAmatitán, Jalisco (Valle del Tequila)
Agave100% Organic, mature Blue Weber Agave grown in Jalisco, Mexico
CookingStainless steel autoclave
MillingRoller mills
FermentationNaturally fermented for 3 days
DistillationDouble distilled using old methods in traditional alembics
AgingDouble barrel aged in coffee barrels, creating unique tasting notes while remaining 100% additive free

100% Organic Agave.

At Quintaliza we pride ourselves in the ingredients that are used in our products. Hand selected, fully mature, 100% organic agaves.

A Stronger, Smoother Taste

We don’t hide behind additives; instead, we honor our ingredients. By keeping our tequila 100% organic, Quintaliza stays true to agave’s soft, natural taste.

Thoughtfully Harvested

Our agave is grown for 5-6 years prior to harvest. Each piña is fully matured and hand-selected to ensure the consistency in quality for which Quintaliza Tequila stands for.

Part of the Solution

Not only has Quintaliza been planting agaves since day one, but we also repurpose our coffee grounds to be used as fertilizer. This increases PH level and results in a truly organic approach to full-circle production.

rich Flavor Profile

Quintaliza Tequila is an agave-first premium sipping tequila, double-barrel aged in coffee barrels to create a flavor profile unlike anything on the market.

Rested to Perfection

Reposado (or “rested” in Spanish) is the youngest of the aged tequilas, spending 2-11 months aging in barrels to result in a tequila that combines the smokiness of an Anejo with the natural bite of a Blanco.

Uniquely Aged

Our organic agave is double-distilled and uniquely aged with our proprietary technique to add subtle notes of premium coffee, resulting in a sophisticated fusion of evocative, nostalgic flavors.

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