Quintaliza Tequila Featured
in Rolling Stone®

Well, we weren’t quite “on the cover of Rolling Stone,” but Quintaliza Tequila was featured in Rolling Stone’s “The Best Tequilas for Making Margaritas, According to Spirits Experts” article. Salud!

“The uniqueness of Quintaliza is truly in the aging process, giving off soft hints of oak, chocolate, tobacco, and subtle notes of coffee on the back end. Perfect for cocktails, but an aficionado will sip it neat, admiring its many complex layers and golden beauty.”

— Alli Torres, Freehold Hospitality, Operating Partner, Miami/NYC

After the recent release of Quintaliza’s brand-new reposado tequila, we’re so proud to receive recognition from such a prestigious and influential publication as Rolling Stone. Being listed among “The Best Tequilas for Making Margaritas, According to Spirits Experts” validates our efforts and inspires us to continue pushing boundaries in the tequila industry.

In the article, author Gabrielle Nicole Pharms emphasizes the importance of using high-quality tequila for margaritas and advises against using tequilas with sugary sweet flavors. Although Quintaliza features a unique, coffee-forward flavor profile (thanks to our proprietary aging process), we are not a coffee liqueur. The soft and subtle tasting notes of our 100% organic tequila make it the perfect option for a cocktail.

Check out the article to discover exactly what makes our reposado such an exceptional option for classic margarita recipes. And when you’re ready to concoct some cocktails of your own, you can purchase a bottle of Quintaliza Tequila here.

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