Sowing Sustainability from Day One

Quintaliza Tequila: A Gem Among Sustainable Tequila Brands

At Quintaliza Tequila, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s our way of life. Since our inception, we’ve been getting our hands dirty (literally) by planting agaves like there’s no tomorrow, starting with the cultivation of agaves. From day one, we have diligently planted agave crops, ensuring a renewable source for our renowned tequila. We know that by nurturing these beauties, we’re not just making great tequila; we’re also looking out for Mother Earth.

But that’s just not enough for us. We’ve also got a trick up our sleeves when it comes to fertilizing our agave fields—and it comes from our proprietary aging process. The same coffee that seasons the barrels we use in aging is repurposed as fertilizer for our agave fields. By utilizing this organic waste, Quintaliza not only reduces its environmental footprint but also enhances the soil’s PH levels, fostering healthier agave growth. 

Plus, did we mention we stay far away from synthetics? Quintaliza’s commitment to maintaining its Blue Weber agave as 100% organic not only keeps our tequila pure; it also keeps our land and waterways safe from harmful chemicals. You can learn more about our organic practices here. It’s all part of our commitment to sustainability and producing the best damn tequila you’ll ever taste.

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